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How to get the classic maps FREE via flash drive

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How to get the classic maps FREE via flash drive

Post  BRANDOcomando96 on Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:22 pm

1. Download the file i uploaded here and many ask for Megaupload so here it is !

2. Get Modio.

3. When you have downloaded the Classic zombie map pack extrackt it to where you have put it.

4. When you have extrackt it u get a folder like this, taco543_is_GAWD. When you see the folder it has 2 other folders in it, 41560855 and E0000D1DD702EA8E.

5. Open Modio and plug in your USB or Transfer Cable with the HDD in the computer.

6. When you have Modio open click on the M in the left up corner and choose Explore my devise. After that click File then Open\Close Drive.

7. You will now see a folder called contents click on that and when your in it make a new folder with 16 0:s.

8. When you have the folder with 16 0:s put the 41560855 folder that you downloaded in it and go back to contents and put the E0000D1DD702EA8E folder that you downloaded in contents.

9. Close Modio and unploug the USB or Transfer Cable and plug it back in the Xbox.

10. Now you have to sign in to your main account on the 1 controller and the account you downloaded, BlackOps taco543 on the 2nd controller. Do this while in dashboard !

11. Start Black Ops and choose zombie and when your in the zombie menu sign out of BlackOps taco543 and turn of the 2nd Xbox controller.

12. Now your redy to go and play the old zombie maps choose split screen or go on xbox live and pick the map that you want !

just a copy n paste from TTG

heres a vid:

not my vid

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