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TEAM BEASTMOD3 Lobbies now on PS3!!! (mw2)

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TEAM BEASTMOD3 Lobbies now on PS3!!! (mw2)

Post  BRANDOcomando96 on Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:28 pm

Send A messge to PSN: ikilluonsocom
Asking to be in the lobby and when I am online I will send you a game invite when you get on. I am usually on every other weekend and on Tuesday nights I'm from US so if your from another country you might have to stay up late if you want to be online @ the same. I am running GodlyModz 4.0 patch I would have ported the clans Team Beastmod3 patch to ps3 but I was too lazy.

And also my dumbass Decided to be too lazy to edit the godlymodz patch and make me host so I can't make u vip and now I can't switch patches because I only used my 1 jailbroken ps3 and I diidnt use data transfer utility and put it on my bros ps3 and I just updated my jb ps3 to run it because I honestly don't care about ps3 because I play my xbox 10x more.

Yea I know its alittle late becuz everyones playing blackops but its still good

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